Do I Need a Dash Cam, or Just a Skilled Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta?


Have you ever found yourself scrolling endlessly through addicting dash-cam videos on Facebook or Instagram? If so, you have probably wondered whether you should get one of your own. In the event of an accident with a truck or other vehicle, you will want to have every piece of evidence possible to absolve you of any responsibility, so picking up a dash cam might not be a bad idea. With or without one, a good truck accident attorney in Marietta will be able to help fight your case.

As any driver knows, the roadway can be a lawless place. Road rage, drunk driving, and distracted driving are rampant. How many times have we looked into another vehicle, only to find someone texting or watching a movie on their smart phone? While a dash cam obviously won’t peer into another driver’s vehicle, it will capture footage of the way their car is “behaving” prior to an accident. So getting a dash cam to capture any wrongdoing is one of the best ways to prepare for the worst.

What is a “Dash Cam”?

A dash cam is just like the name sounds, a small camera to mount either to your car’s dashboard or up on the windshield. Dash cams record what the front of your car sees, so in the event of say, a hit and run, usually the make, model and color of the car are easily captured – sometimes the license plate too, depending on the quality of your cam.

Being prepared with your own documentation has become even more critical in the last few weeks than ever before, as Atlanta police have stopped responding to non-injury-related automobile accidents in an effort to limit possible COVID-19 exposure. With no police report to file with your insurance claim, many drivers are in for more than a few headaches after an accident. Having this documentation will be incredibly helpful to your truck accident attorney in Marietta, because it will help them paint a clear picture to the court as to how the events of the accident transpired and who is indeed at fault. A truck accident attorney in Alpharetta also recently shared with us his success using dash cam footage to sway a jury. Meanwhile, for every truck accident attorney in Atlanta, dash cam footage is at least useful to evaluate the accident.

Why the Uptick?

Just in 2018, dash cam shipments were up to nearly 300,000 for the year in a major consumer-led trend in purchasing. Drivers see these dash cams as a second set of eyes that capture things the driver may not in the event of an accident. Critical details, like any surrounding signage, traffic lights, flow of surrounding traffic, etc. are all minor details to the memory, but can be easily captured and reviewed with the help of a dash cam.

With Atlanta police no longer responding to accidents without injury, there is far greater potential for the at-fault driver to make a break for it, knowing there will be no police arriving to the scene. While this is a recent development and the direct impact on dash cam sales is not yet known, it is absolutely within your best interest to purchase one before you end up the victim of a hit and run accident, or having to battle your insurance company to help pay for the damages.

Could It Really Help My Truck Accident Attorney in Marietta Fight My Case?

Having a dash cam could absolutely help your truck accident attorney in Marietta fight for the settlement you deserve. There’s never a bad reason to have a second set of eyes looking out for you on the roads, as long as you practice safe and defensive driving strategies. If you have already been in an accident and are seeking a police report, click here to get your police report FREE, so long as you were injured and not given a ticket by the police.

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