How to Report Your Work Accident: Tips from a Workers’ Comp Attorney


After an accident occurs in the workplace, several thoughts might start running through your head. Did anyone see that? Was that my fault? How did that happen? Who should I tell? Asking yourself these questions is definitely the right thing to do, but a workers’ comp attorney would caution you to do one critical thing first: Report it.

If you have had an accident at work but do not follow the correct reporting steps, you could lose your workers’ compensation claim and not be compensated fairly for your injuries.

The First Step in Workers’ Comp is the Most Critical

Just after a work accident, it is of the utmost importance that you report the incident to someone in management. While you can tell your coworkers what happened, they may not have the authority to document or do anything about it, leaving your claim to fall flat. A supervisor, any member of management, the human resources department, or the company owner will all be able to take your report about the accident.

Having documentation of your accident in writing is the best way to avoid any “he said, she said” back and forth down the line. When it’s your word against theirs with little to no evidence to support your claim, the side of the employer will likely be taken for truth.

Accidents Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Some workplace accidents are major, sometimes even catastrophic to the affected parties resulting in an ambulance or EMT personnel to be called to the scene. In these instances, it is pretty clear to everyone involved that there has been a serious accident in the workplace.

However, other accidents are not quite as obvious, and can go unnoticed by the right people if left alone. You have to be your own advocate, but you do not have to do it alone. Call in the Big Guns, and let a Morrison & Hughes workers’ comp attorney take up your fight with you.

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When in Doubt, Talk to a Skillful Workers’ Comp Attorney

With a fresh injury to worry about, it can be hard to focus on anything other than feeling better. Our workers’ compensation lawyers put together the following 3-step checklist to offer a quick rundown of what to do following an accident at work:

1) Report It to Management Quickly

2) Ensure the Incident is Documented in Writing

3) Detail All Injuries Sustained

The last point is one of the most crucial aspects of the reporting piece of a workers’ compensation claim. For example, if you broke your arm and also hurt your back, be sure to list both in your workplace injury report, so both are documented and can be referenced later on. If you don’t document an injured body part, expect all care for that body part to be denied by the work comp insurer. So be accurate and complete.

There can be a lot to remember following a workplace injury to ensure your workers’ comp claim is valid and handled effectively, so rely on the help of a workers’ comp attorney at Morrison & Hughes. Our attorneys in Marietta and Alpharetta will ensure you have all your bases covered and your claim is buttoned up to maximize potential settlements and payouts.

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