• Over $10 Million Defective Product

    Work accident claims, the type involving truly life-changing injuries, can last for years. No one told our client, on a sunny morning in May, that his life was about to change. But when a defective commercial electrical device exploded, he was set on fire and suffered 2nd and 3rd-degree burns across his body.

  • $9.7 Million Workers' Compensation

    M&H has the biggest documented settlement offer in Georgia workers' compensation history for a single injured worker. Some work accidents are catastrophic, and only the best, most-experienced work accident attorneys are qualified to handle them.

  • $4.5 Million Traumatic Brain Injury

    On the job, major injuries can happen even in fairly safe jobs. It did not take a big fall from a ladder to change this client's life entirely. He landed on his head and face, shattering his teeth, and causing a traumatic brain injury.

  • $3 Million Car Accident

    Our client, a single mother of five, faced a life-altering accident resulting in severe leg injuries requiring surgery.

  • $3 Million Brain Injury

    When our client suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by the negligent operation of heavy machinery, the M&H team went to work! The Big Guns provide support for an accident victim’s entire family to get multi-million dollar results.

  • $2.9 Million Catastrophic Injury

    Catastrophic Work Accident.  M&H lawyers are absolute injury experts. Whether the accident happens at work, in a car, or on a motorcycle, our results speak for themselves.

  • $1.8 Million Tractor-Trailer Accident

    When our client was hit by a tractor-trailer, with her two small children in the vehicle, the M&H team immediately went to work getting them medical attention and legal support. The court agreed that our client deserved seven figures.

  • $1.2 Million Settlement Rear-End Accident

    Our client recovered $1.2 million dollars in settlement after being rear-ended by a commercial moving vehicle. Although the company originally claimed the truck driver was not their employee, Morrison & Hughes proved that the movers were at fault.

  • $575,000 Car Accident

    Although the at-fault party claimed to have not caused the accident, our accident reconstruction team was able to prove that our client was the innocent party.

  • $550,000 in Combined Settlements Premises Liability

    Even some experienced attorneys don't know that you can have claims for personal injury and workers' compensation for the same accident. For our client, that accident involved being asked to inspect the merchandise in a dark trailer, with a hidden hazard.

  • $460,000 in Combined Settlement & Benefits On-the-Job Wreck

    Our client's pelvis was shattered in an on-the-job wreck, where he was the passenger, and the driver (a co-worker) was killed. Due to the laws protecting co-workers and employers from personal injury lawsuits, our client was not able to sue his co-worker.

  • $400,000 Settlement Commercial Truck Accident

    Our client suffered injuries in an auto wreck involving a commercial truck. While the injuries were not unusually severe, our investigative team did a deep dive into the misdeeds of the driver and his company.

  • $275,000 Settlement Trip & Fall

    When a large crack in the floor of a fast food restaurant tripped our 90-year-old client, and she suffered a broken bone, the M&H team was there to get her to compensation she deserved for her trip-and-fall case.

  • Confidential Settlement Slip & Fall

    Our team represented a client in Newton County who almost lost his life after falling into the Yellow River while working on the I-20 access road bridge. Our client was thrown into the river when the bridge suddenly collapsed and endured severe injuries.

  • $3 Million Truck Accident
    Truck Accident