Look Out Labor Day – Personal Injury Lawsuits & the Holidays


We all know the feeling – bags packed, sunscreen covered, cooler stocked – all the perfect beginnings to a relaxing holiday weekend. However, with the joy and festivities holidays bring often comes a greater potential for an accident. Whether it’s challenging seasonal weather, like black ice, parties which put drunk drivers on the road, or just the sheer number of people on the highway for holiday travel, it’s no wonder we often see a rise in personal injury lawsuits around the holidays.

Avoid becoming another statistic and remain vigilant to any possible injury-inducing situations or activities while on vacation.

Accidents Involving Holiday Rental Housing

Sometimes, despite your own extensive planning and caution, accidents occur when someone else is careless. Over the holidays, we see a rise in personal injury lawsuits caused by poorly maintained rental properties. A faulty electrical switch resulting in a shock to the system, hidden hazards, broken or a needlessly slippery walkway and stairs, collapsing decks: these are all possible dangers found at vacation rental properties, which are often left unattended for most of the year. Proceed with caution when finding a place to stay by looking at their online reviews, looking through any pictures they have of the property that might help identifying potential problem areas to be aware of, etc. Doing your due diligence upfront and upon arrival will not only mitigate your chances of a personal injury, but will also arm you with documentation needed in the event of a personal injury lawsuit.

Slip-and-Falls on Vacation

Every year, slip-and-fall accidents cause tens of thousands of injuries and deaths, so being prepared for the environment you vacation in is important. For example, if you are going somewhere with a wetter climate, bring some non-slip shoes with you to avoid a slip and fall. If the owner of the property or hotel in that you are staying in failed to properly maintain the property, including unlevel or slick walkways, faulty wiring, cracks / jagged pieces of concrete or other material that should not be there and you become injured as a result, you may have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. If you do fall, it remember to take a picture of the hazard that caused your injuries, so that you can show your personal injury attorney.

Added Stress During the Holidays Can Lead to Personal Injury Lawsuits

Beyond the rest and relaxation making everyone a bit lackadaisical in terms of safety, often the opposite is true as well – holidays can bring stress. Between planning, paying and actually going on the trip you have waited so long to take, most people feel a bit burnt out and in even more need of a vacation than before. As the saying goes, “we need a vacation from our vacation!”

This added stress around the holiday season, whether it’s financial, familial, or otherwise, translates into how people conduct themselves. Stressed out individuals are now going to get behind the wheel and share the road with you, so be sure to practice alert, defensive driving while sharing the road with these folks. Stress can cloud the mind and judgement, making other drivers more susceptible to negligent conduct, which can lead to a wreck. Simply knowing this and making an effort to stay “plugged in” and aware of your surroundings is the first step in preventing a personal injury lawsuit.

Important to Pick the Right Personal Injury Attorney

At the end of the day, some things are out of our control. So, it is important to do our research, and fully assess potential risks and hazards in any new area or unfamiliar territory. Still, accidents happen, and when they do, you’ll want the best personal injury attorney at your side to help you through the process of your personal injury lawsuit.

Don’t go up against the property owner’s insurance company unarmed. Hire the Big Guns, and rest assured your personal injury lawsuit is in capable hands. If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury and are seeking justice, call the personal injury attorneys at Morrison & Hughes today at (404) 689-2734, or click HERE for a free consultation.

Additionally, if you were injured in a car, truck, motorcycle or boating accident while vacationing in Georgia, click HERE to get your free police accident report.

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