Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Advice: What to do Immediately After Getting into a Wreck


Life is stressful enough. Getting into an auto collision can be confusing and overwhelming. Follow our Atlanta car accident lawyer advice on what to do right after an auto accident. If your accident was anything worse than a fender bender, follow these “after an accident” tips. In the end, they could save you a lot of time, money, and headache.

Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyer Tips

  1. Check your health.

Take a few breaths. Do you have any injuries? Are you in pain or bleeding? Can you get out of the vehicle?

  1. If you can, get out of your car.

Obviously if you have suffered major car accident injuries, do not move. Take your license, insurance card, and cell phone with you now so you have it on you from the beginning.

  1. Call the police.

The sooner the police come, the better. Sometimes a police report can take hours, depending on how many cars are involved, injuries, and location.

  1. Assess the situation

Check your car and surrounding area for any property damage. Take pictures of the damage at various angles. If you were in a crash with another vehicle, check that car also. Ask the other driver if you can take pictures of his/her vehicle.

  1. Exchange insurance information.

Without a doubt, this must be done if possible. Get complete insurance policy numbers and license plates.

  1. Give the police only the information they need.

Explain things clearly and concisely without babbling. There is no need to give any information not related to the crash. What you did that day, where you need to go afterwards, or other personal specifics aren’t necessary.

  1. Search for local car accident attorneys.

Did you have to go to the hospital? Are you in severe pain? Car accident lawyers should also be versed personal injury lawyers. The Georgia team of Morrison & Hughes, are your best choice.

What Great Auto Accident Attorneys Do

  • Offer a free case evaluation and consultation
  • Communicate with your insurance company and other drivers’ insurance companies
  • Interview any bystanders regarding any details
  • Get a full health report on other drivers involved and the condition of other vehicles involved.
  • Will fight for lost wages and other proper medical compensation

Best Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

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