Ask an Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney: What Causes Rollover Accidents?


Being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatizing experience. Wrecks where a vehicle rolls over are no exception. In many cases, the driver or passengers suffer severe injuries along with shock. At Morrison & Hughes, our Alpharetta car accident attorneys have seen their fair share of rollover motor vehicle accidents.

Awareness of these three problems could lead you to receiving the compensation you deserve in a rollover car accident claim. Plus, making sure your vehicle is safe to drive diverts harm to yourself or others, along with a lawsuit.

3 Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

  • High speed

The faster someone is driving above the speed limit, the greater chance there is of someone being ejected out of a vehicle or it flipping over. Impact of a vehicle at high-speed crashing into something or another vehicle can create a catastrophic ending. Table 17 shows that the largest percentage of rollover accidents occur between 48-80 mph. Surprisingly, the amount of rollover accidents that occur in dry conditions is astronomically higher than in wet conditions. For example, Table 18 shows that rain or ice did not seem to be a significant factor in rollover crashes. Be extra cautious when traveling on bumpy or windy roads, especially in rural areas. Why speed when it is so easy not to?

  • Alcohol and/or drugs

Just like speeding with the faster you are going, the more you are impaired is destructive. Almost a third of rollover crashes consist of an impaired driver, according to Table 5. It is important to note that this table has only recorded alcohol impairment. This number can be higher with cases of drug use added for drivers in rollover crashes.

  • Vehicle or tire defects

This is why it is of the utmost importance to get your car inspected in accordance to the state’s driving laws of where you hold your license. On the other hand, sometimes a mechanic will not catch a manufacturing defect. Newer cars have a light that comes on when your tire pressure is low. Even better, new cars have an electronic stability control (ESC), to prevent rollovers. Although, if you have an older car, always check the condition of your tires. If anything looks off, do not drive. There have been cases of rollover accidents where the car or tire company was at fault for a defect.

Best Alpharetta Auto Accident Lawyer

Were you in a rollover accident in the Atlanta area? It’s time to hire an Alpharetta car accident lawyer. Never let someone else’s error cost you anything.

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Proper research will be done into the condition of all vehicles involved in the rollover accident, plus the condition of any driver involved. We will take the time to ensure you or other injured passengers receive eligible compensation under Georgia state law.

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