How to Choose the Right Truck Accident Attorney in Alpharetta


Have you endured a serious and/or permanent injury caused by a neglectful truck driver? Did your loved one suffer a wrongful death by a collision with a tractor-trailer? Find a truck accident attorney in Alpharetta now. Even though Georgia law allows you two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, you still need to act fast. Two years might sound like a long time. Although, gathering evidence for your personal injury case can take several months in itself. The sooner you find a truck accident lawyer, the quicker you can initiate a lawsuit, giving your injury attorney the time needed to prove negligence by the other party.

Tips to Find the Best Truck Accident Attorney

Be sure to begin your search by creating a list of attorneys in the Alpharetta area who specialize in truck accidents. The specialized experience of vehicle injury lawyers will differ considerably than other attorneys. Specifically, they have negotiation and trial experience, deep medical knowledge pertaining to personal injury, and in-depth knowledge of laws regarding personal injury in Georgia, as well as car accidents.

Most Important Factors in Finding the Best Georgia Truck Accident Attorney

Georgia law requires you to hire an attorney in the same state where you sustained your injuries. Choosing someone with a convenient location in Alpharetta like the personal injury attorneys at Morrison & Hughes will make the process a lot easier for you. If you need help figuring out who is at fault in your truck accident case, read more here in our blog. Review your possible list of attorneys, then narrow down your choice after considering these factors:

Experience and Education

An attorney’s law experience can explain how he/she will fight for your right to fair compensation. Be sure to ask about number of years in practice, legal education, and how many cases like yours the personal injury attorney has won. An attorney who wins far more cases than he or she loses demonstrates a commitment to following proper legal procedures, as well as a persistence to obtain information that will prove your case.

Trial Record vs. Out of Court Settlements

Usually both parties involving road accidents reach a settlement before going to court. On the other hand, you still want an attorney who will aggressively represent a client and his/her interests in trial if it comes to that. For example, an effective lawyer will be able to effectively interrogate the other driver’s insurance company and past accident issues. Asking about court experience is appropriate whether you expect your case to reach that level or not.

Reputation and Record of Disciplinary Action

Find out if the lawyer has had any discipline actions filed against him or her or faced suspension or disbarment. The easiest way to find this information is to go to the State Bar of Georgia website and enter the attorney’s name. Looking up online reviews is also one of the best ways to receive unbiased reviews of an individual attorney or law firm even before you have a first meeting.

Set Up a Personal Consultation with an Atlanta Area Truck Accident Attorney

An attorney can meet all of your qualifications on paper and still not be a good fit. Do you live right outside the Atlanta area? We highly recommend finding a truck accident attorney in Alpharetta who specializes in injuries. The only way to determine this is to meet in person. This is beneficial to both parties to learn if they would work well together.

Rely on the Big Guns of Morrison & Hughes Firm to defend you. We invite you to schedule a free personal consultation with us today to get your lawsuit process started. Read client testimonials from who we have successfully fought for in our practice areas.

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