When to Hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer


Have you recently sustained injuries in a car accident, a slip and fall accident, through medical error, or another negligent act? If so, you may feel a great deal of stress wondering how you’re going to put your life back together. This is especially true if you have had to miss work and have many medical bills to pay. A Marietta personal injury lawyer will investigate your case and represent your interests in court or by negotiating with the insurance company of the party that caused your injuries. If you plan to file a lawsuit, you really can’t afford to attempt it on your own.

How a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help Your Case

When you visit Morrison & Hughes for your free consultation, one of our personal injury attorneys will gather as much information about your case as possible. It’s a good idea to bring along a copy of the police report if there is one, as well as names and contact information for any witnesses. We have found that personal injury cases often come down to one person’s word against another. The more information we have upfront, the easier it will be for us to prove your version of events to a jury or the other party’s insurance representative.

If you decide to retain our legal firm to file a lawsuit, we will start investigating your case and gathering evidence right away. If you don’t take the correct steps, evidence will disappear, and proving your case may become impossible. The next step is to inform the other party of your pending lawsuit via a process server. If he or she does not respond to your complaint in a timely manner, you win the personal injury lawsuit by default.

What You Can Expect from a Winning Personal Injury Lawsuit

You may wish to sue the other party but worry that you can’t afford legal services. We want to reassure you that you owe nothing until we successfully procure a judgment on your behalf. In this type of case, a judge and jury consider both economic and non-economic damages. Those in the first category would include actual losses such as current and future medical costs, current and future lost wages, and property damage.  The second category will include pain and suffering and what impact the injury has cost your family.

Your amount of compensation should equal what the injury has cost you dollar for dollar and the pain and suffering due to the injury. The one exception is anticipated future costs and losses for medical expenses and wages. For example, you could need to retrofit your home to accommodate a disability caused by the accident. You may no longer be able to earn the same salary at work due to your limitations. The jury considers what you likely would have made over a lifetime of working at your current education and experience level. It also can consider potential lost promotions and then sets your compensation accordingly.

Your Marietta personal injury lawyer will also fight for your right to non-economic damages. This includes such things as physical pain and suffering and emotional distress. This category of compensation is often highly dependent on a jury’s sympathy for your situation, which is yet another reason you should hire a Marietta personal injury lawyer and not attempt to represent yourself.

We at Morrison & Hughes are sorry for your situation. Please contact us today to reserve your time for a free legal consultation by calling (404) 689-2734.

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