Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta: Insight on Handling Long Road Trips


Whether alone or with friends and family, a road trip can be fun and freeing. Before setting out on the open road, take advice from an expert car accident attorney in Atlanta. With the radio blasting and lots of snacks scattered in the car, road trip excitement sometimes leads to recklessness or a shift of focus from the road.

Many road trips are multi-state adventures that last days, sometimes weeks, and even months. Getting professional assistance from a car accident lawyer could prevent a car crash, personal injury claim, and other headaches.

Road Trip Tips to Prevent Auto Accidents

  1. Perform a road trip check-up. Especially for long road trips, the car used should always have proper fluid levels, a tire check, and general maintenance.
  2. If time permits, take a look at your current auto insurance policy. Vacation road trips are different than every day driving. Should you change your deductible or benefits before hitting the road? Think about other possible drivers, how old your car is, and other details.
  3. Make a list of states you could be driving through. Pay attention to driving laws in each state, road policies, and other driving precautions or road problems in the area.
  4. Think about how many hours you will be driving each day? If by yourself, take breaks and hydrate when needed. If with other people, map out a driving schedule so everyone is at their best when behind the wheel.
  5. Clean out the vehicle. Spending so many hours in a car can be cramping. You need all the space you can get. Make sure there are not objects you don’t need such as paper and other items sprinkled around. This could be bait for another driver in case of an accident.

Auto Accident Attorney in Atlanta

Exhilaration from a road trip can consume anyone, especially after the year we’ve had being cramped at home. Do you feel overwhelmed communicating with the insurance company alone? Are you finding yourself or other passengers with car accident injuries after a road trip crash? Contact the personal injury lawyers at Morrison & Hughes to get the support you need. Get individualized guidance with:

  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Medical bills
  • Compensation
  • Personal injury claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Car accident settlement

Car accident lawyers are personal injury attorneys who have years of experience in car accident cases and other vehicle accidents.

Best Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta

Morrison & Hughes law specializes in car accidents, personal injury cases, and other accident claims. Visit our FAQs page to get the legal answers you need.

Whether it’s you or a loved one who has been in an accident, you need trusted car accident injury lawyers to help with your case.

Contact Morrison & Hughes injury law firm now to schedule a consultation and receive a free case evaluation.  We’ll take the time to ensure you or other injured passengers receive the compensation eligible under the state of Georgia law. Don’t jeopardize the chance of receiving what you deserve from your car accident case. Contact the premier Atlanta area car accident attorneys, Big Guns today.

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