Can You Handle the Aftermath of Your Wreck Alone? When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney


Out of millions of car crashes every year, most people are capable of handling the fallout of an accident alone. Yet, a large amount of car accidents result in tragedies and people needing hospital care. A car accident attorney is skilled with handling personal injury claims, car accident settlements, and much more.

Were you or someone you know involved in a car accident in the Atlanta area? Get your free accident report here now. Don’t waste time handling such a scary and stressful event alone if you are struggling. Learn when it is time to hire a car accident lawyer.

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Fender benders are much different than a car crash. Even in minor accidents, people are often still left with injuries, medical bills, insurance claims and other complications resulting from the collision. Car accident lawyers will be able to help you sort through it all. If the circumstances of your accident have left you with lingering questions and a horrible feeling in your gut, you need legal assistance. Here are the most common causes of someone needing a car accident attorney.

  • Unclear who is at fault
  • Medical bills (physical or mental suffering)
  • Wrongful death of a loved one
  • Extensive property damage
  • Physical injury
  • Other driver’s insurance denies your claim
  • Your insurance company or the other driver’s makes a lowball offer

After a car accident, people lean on friends and family as a strong support system, but nothing beats legal help to get compensation when it is due. Most importantly, car accidents attorneys are also experienced personal injury attorneys. The right lawyer will do an extensive investigation to appropriately file (if need be) a personal injury claim.

Regardless of the cause and who is at fault, any collision could lead to traumatic injury and medical bills for a car accident victim. Finding a knowledgeable car accident attorney in the event of an injury or other damage following a wreck is the best way to be sure all of your legal bases are covered for your insurance.

Contact Morrison & Hughes

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