When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta


Personal injury accidents can happen when you least expect them: in your home, at a wedding, food shopping, even on vacation. A qualified personal injury attorney in Atlanta comes easy with the premier lawyers at Morrison & Hughes. As trial lawyers serving Atlanta, we are well versed in Georgia law regarding road accidents, disability, personal injury, workman’s compensation, and more.

When it’s Time to Hire

Dealing with an injury can put many things on pause. You may have to take time off work. Maybe you cannot dedicate as much time to your family because of pain and suffering. Do you live in Georgia and are deciding whether to get the help of a personal injury attorney? Below are very important questions to ask yourself.

  1. Are you scared or fearful that your health insurance is not covering bills that should be covered?
  2. Have you had to take unpaid time off work due to your personal injury?
  3. Are you unable to pay your medical bills regarding the injury?
  4. Is there any uncertainty of who is at fault of your injury, such as a premise liability or medical malpractice case?
  5. Are you helping to fight the wrongful death or nursing home abuse case for a loved one alone?
  6. Do you feel in any way that you are being taken advantage of by an injury that occurred but shouldn’t have?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, it is time to hire a personal injury attorney in Atlanta. Personal injury cases can be stressful, confusing, and expensive. Don’t go against anyone, especially insurance companies, without the legal support of a certified lawyer.

Top Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta personal injury law group Morrison & Hughes specializes in more than just personal injury:

  • Motorcycle, car, and truck accidents
  • Social security disability
  • Workman’s comp

If your personal injury was caused by one of these factors, it is time to call The Big Guns of the Atlanta-metro area at Morrison & Hughes.

To learn more, view profiles of our super lawyers. Read our reviews from past clients to see why we give the best personal injury representation in Georgia.

With years of legal experience regarding auto accidents, work injuries, and more, our personal injury lawyers are here for you, and only you. If you have any lingering questions, head on over to our FAQs page to get the legal answers you need.

Don’t wait any longer to get the proper settlement you need from physical and mental pain caused by a personal injury or other circumstances. Contact Morrison & Hughes injury law firm now to schedule a free consultation and receive a free case evaluation.  You can also go to our website and read through our blog regarding a variety of legal matters.

With five law offices all over the Atlanta area, we want to make sure we are there when you need us most. We’ll take the time to ensure you receive the compensation eligible under the state of Georgia law. Don’t jeopardize the chance of receiving what you deserve from personal injury claims.

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