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The Metro Atlanta city of Alpharetta is nestled in the suburbs of Fulton County, Georgia. Alpharetta is home to roughly 67,000 people, making it one of the largest cities in Georgia. To complement the growing population, the city of Alpharetta is a wonderful blend of top-tier schools, great job opportunities and cultural events to tie the city residents together. With a variety of people running around taking advantage of the variety of activities in and around the city, accidents can always happen. One thing to be sure of: an Alpharetta truck accident lawyer with Morrison & Hughes Law will be there to help you in the event of a collision.

Hot Commercial Real Estate

Despite blooming into a booming metropolis, Alpharetta has maintained its small-town feel, with residents touting the “down-to-earth” character of the city and its people. In fact, one of the main landmarks of the area used to be the New Prospect Campground. This campground is located right next to downtown Alpharetta as well as a lovely natural spring to give the metro city a more natural feel.

With six major highways running through Alpharetta and connecting the city with the rest of Georgia, travelers are coming in and out of the town at a higher rate than ever before. This influx of traffic is likely also due to the growth of the city of Alpharetta and the various commercial companies that have come to be based in the city, resulting in a burst of new jobs.

Road Rage

Commuters in Alpharetta, just like anywhere else in Atlanta, often bring with them intense road rage. This can – and often does – increase the risk of auto and truck accidents in Alpharetta. If you find yourself in a situation where someone is tailgating you, driving aggressively around you or a fellow driver on the interstate, do your best to maintain control and put distance between you and the aggressor.

If you cannot avoid an accident – whether due to road rage or other road condition, calling an Alpharetta truck accident lawyer immediately after seeking any necessary medical attention is a critical step and could mean the difference in your case. Another important step to take is to obtain your accident report for any insurance or other claims resulting from the accident.

You can access your free accident report HERE.

Call the Big Guns When in Need of an Alpharetta Truck Accident Lawyer

Whether you call Alpharetta, Georgia home or another city in the lovely Peach State, the Alpharetta truck accident lawyers at Morrison & Hughes are here to help you move forward after a car or truck accident. With the help of our lawyers, you won’t have to face the insurance companies alone. Instead, hire the Big Guns to help fight your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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