Ask a Truck Accident Attorney in Alpharetta: Who Takes Responsibility After an Accident?


On average, big truck accidents have accounted for the highest percentage of fatalities and severe injuries in recent years from road collisions. Without a doubt, “Who is at fault?” weighs heavily on a driver’s mind in any crash. According to truck accident attorneys in Alpharetta, having an experienced lawyer is essential in getting answer fasts, in addition to the entire legal process going smoothly.

Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Carelessness

While not a surprise, the amount of vehicle accidents from driver inattention rises every year. Cell-phone use, road rage, speeding, being under the influence, or falling asleep at the wheel are all common problems on the road.

The most crucial element in getting proper compensation for an auto crash is figuring out who is at fault for it. If you feel that your accident was caused by a truck driver’s negligence, don’t waste time. The most important thing is to take action right away, in order to get the facts and evidence. If you are not suffering a debilitating injury and able to follow the steps below, do so immediately.

  1. Call 911 so a police report can be written up and an EMT can medically care for each person involved.
  2. If possible, exchange information with the truck driver and other drivers if applicable. Take pictures of your vehicle, the truck involved, or any other vehicles and items involved.
  3. State the facts clearly and objectively about the accident to police and other experts. Do not offer your opinion or give outside information that does not concern the accident. Putting guilt or blame on a driver can be done slyly without notice.
  4. Take notes on the crime scene. Always carry paper and pen in your automobile for emergencies.
  5. Find a caring truck accident attorney who will have your best interest and finances as their primary concern. If in the Atlanta area, Contact Morrison & Hughes, attorneys who specialize in accidents with big trucks.

How can an Alpharetta Truck Accident Attorney Help Me?

Unquestionably, the smaller vehicle involved in a truck accident most always has an exorbitant amount of property damage compared to the truck. A skilled truck accident attorney will properly identify a number of important concerns so you receive compensation if it is deserved.

  • What traffic laws the truck driver violated
  • Reckless acts such as cell phone use, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and/or falling asleep
  • If the trucker was abiding the National Federal Motor Carrier Regulations
  • Any potential liability of a parent trucking company
  • Analyzing the injuries and damages that you sustained in the accident
  • Questioning eye-witnesses
  • Collecting audio and visual evidence such as photos and videos
  • Meeting legal requirements for the litigation process
  • Building a convincing argument to prove the truck driver’s negligence

How will all of this get done if you are injured? Think of the convenience and relief in having a truck accident attorney from Morrison & Hughes through the entire civil process.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Alpharetta

Georgia state law has a two-year statue of limitations for filing a claim for truck accidents from the day the incident occurred. File a claim as soon as possible with guidance from a licensed Alpharetta truck accident attorney. Not convinced yet that you need a lawyer? Read testimonials from past clients or visit our FAQs page to get the answers you need.

Need help in other areas? Morrison & Hughes Law also specializes in car accidents, worker’s comp, and personal injury. Get the help you deserve in pursuing compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, loss wages, and/or medical bills, now.

Trust-worthy and reliable. The Big Guns are always here for you.

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