Why Should I Hire a Marietta Car Accident Lawyer?


You may be considering hiring a Marietta car accident lawyer if you have recently been in a car accident that caused significant injuries. You may also be considering representing yourself or simply paying your own out-of-pocket expenses even though someone else’s negligence caused your injuries and property damage. If you find yourself in this position, working with an experienced Marietta car accident lawyer is always your best bet. We discuss some of the reasons for making this statement below.

A Marietta Car Accident Lawyer Will Help to Prove Your Claim

Without proof, the fault in a car accident often comes down to evaluating the statements made by each driver. It’s normal for people to try to protect their own interests and cast blame on the other person involved in the accident. As a client of Morrison & Hughes, we will help you prove that the car accident happened exactly as you said that it did. In addition to conducting our own research, we may reach out for help to an accident reconstruction specialist.

Sometimes the injuries people sustain aren’t always obvious to others. For example, perhaps you suffered a concussion in the crash and now have memory issues, problems with impulse control, and severe anxiety. The other party and those representing him or her won’t necessarily just take your word for it. However, we can call on traumatic brain injury (TBI) specialists to provide expert testimony in your case. This legitimizes your injuries and may help you to procure a larger settlement.

Someone to Negotiate on Your Behalf or Represent You in Court

When you work with a Marietta car accident lawyer, that person is there to represent you regardless of how far your case proceeds through the legal system. Most personal injury claims start with negotiation with an agent representing the insurance company of the other party.

It’s important to realize that insurance companies aren’t concerned with treating you fairly. Their job is to save their employer money. To do this, they will look for ways to deny that their client was at fault and offer no money whatsoever. Another common tactic is to provide a lowball offer hoping that your situation is desperate enough for you to accept it and go away.

Your Marietta car accident lawyer is also prepared to represent you to a judge and jury if he or she can’t settle a claim with the other party’s insurance company. If your case goes to court, you will need aggressive representation and a lawyer with deep knowledge of Georgia personal injury law. It would be difficult to convince a jury of the extent of your injuries and the negligence of the other party without the help of an experienced attorney.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Hiring a Marietta car accident lawyer right away will help you avoid common mistakes such as not filing within the two-year statute of limitations or attempting to sue the wrong party. If you do either of these things, you can’t file another personal injury lawsuit and you’re stuck paying your own accident-related expenses. Fortunately, Morrison & Hughes is here to help. Please contact us at (404) 689-2734 to request your free and confidential case review today.

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