Who Should Hire a Marietta Car Accident Attorney?


It is common immediately after a car accident for people to feel like they can handle the situation themselves. They avoid hiring a Marietta car accident attorney because they want to get through the stressful situation as soon as possible. They may not realize that settling a car accident claim is often a long process. Several things can go wrong, such as the other party denying responsibility or receiving an offer from the insurance company that you feel is too low. These are just two examples when hiring a Marietta car accident attorney is in your best interest.

Georgia is a Proportional Comparative Fault State

Georgia follows a fault system when it comes to the payment of personal injury lawsuits stemming from a car accident. Proportional comparative fault means that the jury hearing your case will assign a percentage of blame to each driver involved in the car accident. In an example scenario, assume that you receive 35 percent of the blame and the other driver 65 percent. You would then receive only 65 percent of the settlement offer. Having an experienced Marietta car accident attorney present evidence and arguments on your behalf is essential to receiving the greatest amount of compensation.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Denies Your Claim or Makes a Lowball Offer

It probably seems obvious to you that the negligent actions of the other driver caused your accident and subsequent injuries. However, you need to keep in mind that all insurance companies are in business to make money. An agent is not going to automatically pay your claim without a fight if even the slightest possibility exists that you share any blame. This can put you in an extremely stressful situation when you have medical expenses to pay and have possibly missed time from work as well.

Your Marietta lawyer will fight to prove that you are entitled to a fair settlement to compensate for your injuries. This is true whether the insurance company denied your claim outright or offered an amount that you feel is too low to meet your post-accident needs.

You Need a Marietta Car Accident Attorney When You Have Serious Injuries

Even though a car accident can cause significant injuries, they are not always obvious in the immediate aftermath of filing claims and trying to recover. We recommend that anyone involved in an auto accident seek medical attention for this reason. Going to the doctor or emergency room also provides you with credibility when it comes time to pursue a personal injury lawsuit later.

Medical expenses can add up quickly after a car accident. Besides the initial treatment, you may require several follow-up appointments, inpatient rehabilitation, physical therapy, medication, or other types of long-term treatment. Whether you have received a settlement offer or not, you need a lawyer to fight for fair compensation when you have high expenses related to the accident.

Your lawyer at Morrison & Hughes will first attempt to negotiate with the insurance representative for the other party. If that does not work, the next step is to file a personal injury lawsuit and take the case to court. We welcome you to contact us today to request a free review of your auto accident case.

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